Welcome to our blog, and onto our allotment!

In the middle of 2017 we had the crazy idea that, despite being busy with recent house renovations, full and part time jobs and home educating 4 children, we needed to spend more time outside ‘connecting with nature’ and should therefore get ourselves an allotment.

Ultimately, we want to try and grow our own. Whilst doing this, we also hope that we might be able to save a bit of money, get a bit of exercise and help our children to learn through nature. We want them to understand more about the world around them, have a true understanding of where their food comes from and the differences between traditional growing methods and modern, large scale farming.

So, we contacted our local allotment association, got the guided tour of a few vacant plots, picked the one which appeared to be the least overgrown, and said ‘yes please!’

That was at the end of 2017, and aside from a little weed clearing we have done very little.

This year we are going to ‘dig in deep’ and plan to try and grow something other than the weeds. We will document our progress and experiences as a home-edding, allotmenteering family right here.

So hang on to your hats because this week is the big weed clear and we hope you stick around as we have a lot planned for the year. It’s sure to be an interesting ride 🙂