Had a bit of a ‘whoops’ moment down at the plot the other day and I can’t lie, it’s weighing heavy on my conscious, and also for that matter, my arms. I think maybe confessing to my wreck-lass actions might help relieve me of the bad feeling which is following me around. So Allotmenteer followers, grab a cuppa and read on from the beginning, here goes.

After all the rain which we have had, I have to say the plot is becoming a bit of a haven for weeds. It is not looking as tidy as it perhaps could so I made the executive decision that a family weeding session was in need. We somewhat reluctantly headed down earlyish on Sunday morning knowing that we had a bit of a tough session in store. The Allotmenteers were not fully on board for the ‘weed fest’ but were being jollied along with promises of second wind strawberries and knife action with the sweetcorn.

So we arrive, find what we knew we would, which was weedy beds and slightly overgrown paths. There were cries of delight though from the Allotmenteers who were more than impressed with the size and general magnificence of their pumpkins. I have to say, they did look good, all big and orange and also visible from the main path so fellow plot holders could see we have managed to grow something of some significance in our first year.

Daddy started on the paths whist I decided to work on the beds. All was going as well as expected given the general chaos which tends to surround us on visits of this kind. Weeds were being removed, a few carrots were accidentality pulled along with the weeds but that’s not a problem, we all love a couple of massive carrots each with our Sunday roast and the compost pile (yet to be made into a more organised ‘heap’) looked like it was growing. I had worked on a couple of beds and next in line was the pumpkin bed.

I continue to weed away, amid cries of ‘watch my pumpkin’ and ‘that’s mine, its the biggest, don’t touch it!’ to which I answered, ‘don’t worry, im not touching them, they’ll be fine’, when I saw a particularly big weed emerging from the underside of Allotmenteer #3’s pumpkin. I gently lifted the pumpkin, marvelled at its considerable weight, removed the weed, oh so carefully replaced it to its resting place and congratulated myself on a job well done.

Imagine my horror to then see that despite my super carefulness, I had inadvertently managed to detach said pumpkin from its plant, rendering its time on the plot, totally and completely, over. Honestly? I did consider just pretending that it hadn’t happened, announcing that it was home time and very quickly legging it. Stupidly, I decided to own up to my actions and I told Allotmenteer #3 what I’d done.

It didn’t end well. We had to leave quick smartish, chucking kids and produce into the pushchair at lightening speed, whilst simultaneously carrying a massive, slightly under ripe pumpkin in 1 arm and a totally distraught 4 year old in the other, past other ‘what a beautiful morning for it’ plot holders in what can only be described as a walk of shame. There was absolutely no pacifying poor Allotmenteer #3 and even though I promised to let her help my chop it up for soup, as the practical part of me knows it wont last until 31st October, she wasn’t going to forgive me.

So that is my confession. Over eager weeding which lead to the detachment of the well tended, certainly eagerly watered ‘favourite’ pumpkin of Allotmenteer #3. For that I am truly sorry and ask for forgiveness.