So, at the risk of sounding stereotypical British person moaning about the weather, im going to venture out there to say ‘where is the rain?’

I know that going back a few posts I was whinging about the pond our plot had become, but now it is starting to resemble something from the Sahara Desert! Seriously, the weeds are now only growing where we’ve been watering, which brings me to my next moan. Watering! Man it takes a lot of time. I’ve got it down to just over 20 minutes now with 4 watering cans and the oldest allotmenteer. If we have the younger ones with us then the time goes up, as despite their best efforts, they tend to drop most of the water en-route from the mains fed water butts to the plot. The grass on that part of the path is looking surprisingly healthy!

Other than watering, I cant say that much other allotmenting action is taking place. It is, quite honestly, just too blinking hot. We’re down first thing before the temperatures rise too much, and it is literally a very quick weed grab and bean pick (broad beans have done us proud!) and the essential water and off. I was talking to one of our neighbours earlier this week who said that they were arriving on their plot at 7am in order to work it over before it gets to warm. Now I like to think I’m dedicated to the cause, but I know my limits and this is simply out of my league in terms of what is attainable in our household.

As such, its starting to look a little shabby around the edges (and in the middle) but I’m hoping for rain and cooler temperature so we can get back on it soon before it starts to look like a weed factory!