So ‘the beast’ has featured in more than one story, and I’m sure the regular readers will know its the ‘pet’ plant on the plot.  Too large to be easily removed, but left unchecked, takes over the paths.

The kids have been giving the beast of plot 36 a hair cut on a fairly regular basis for the past few months, however today the beast met his match in the form of an army of garden tools.  With the boss keen to gain additional ground for planting, one of these final beds needed clearing.

I skimmed off the weeds and the team started digging it over.  Then the time came, it was now or never.  I grabbed a spade, and the team joined me with everything from a trowel, to a dibber and a hoe.  Taking the spade I confidently said ‘this will be out in no time’ whilst secretly knowing that I had the worlds smallest spade on hand, and little else for backup.

A good hour of effort followed, on several occasions I feared for my fingers due to the assistance being offered with the hoe.

Soon I decided that enough was enough and grabbed my phone. A quick call and a mattock was located and on route. What’s a mattock you may ask? Well it is essentially as variation of a pickaxe. However rather than having a point, it has two edges, one running vertical and the other horizontal. Ideal for digging out big monsters such as this.

With this in hand, I cleared the helpers to a safe distance and took matters seriously into hand. With a few confident and powerful swings there were soon bug chunks on this monster for the compost heap.

Within few minutes, the job was done and the bed just needed levelling out. I used the mattock then the spade and the job was done.

Handing the bed back to the planting team, I went to get a bottle of water from the bag.

Mission accomplished.