We have produce!!!!

A very exciting time for both little and big Allotmenteers. Today we came home from our small weeding session with more than a handful of fresh, totally home-grown, organic produce! Now up until this point we have managed a few strawberries from a bed which we inherited from the previous owner (it needs maintenance and is on the ‘to do list’ for latter this year), a good crop of broad beans which we harvested about 3 weeks ago and a few runner beans. But now we are up and running! We’ve had courgettes, although not as many as I would have expected as for some unknown reason the plants just seem a bit small, radish, beetroot, carrots, potatoes and loads of runner beans.

I feels fantastic to have managed to actually grow something, and OK so we’ve had some failures along the way, for example the peas which got literally eaten alive by the birds, and the onions which meritoriously just died overnight for an unknown reason, but its our first year and we’ve had some success!

The Allotmenteers seem pleased to have produce which we have distributed around various neighbours and family members, but do not seem quite as keen to digest it themselves. The eldest has agreed that runner beans are ‘ok’, but better if eaten with tomato ketchup, #3 said the carrots were just like the ‘normal’ ones we buy (wasn’t sure if I should have been offended by that?!) and apparently potatoes, new or otherwise, shouldn’t come with the skins on.

Are they a lost cause do we think? Goodness knows what going to happen when I pickle the beetroot and the sweetcorn are ready to harvest!