So its been a bean cane extravaganza. Maybe that should be bamboo cane extravaganza. This mission required a large number of bean canes to be assembled, in some form of structure, sufficient to support the growth of beans.  Having surveyed a number of other bean cane constructions on the allotment and a small amount of practice ahead of time, Allotmenteer #2 and Daddy set about pushing been canes into the soil and tying the tops together.  We soon got into the swing of things and by the end of the row, felt that we were looking like professionals.  Looking back at it from a distance however it appears that as isn’t quite as straight as some of the others on the site.  Allotmenteer #3 watched from afar whilst Allotmenteer #1 felt the short bean canes made good swords.  A small amount of old bean cane wastage appeared on the grass from a bean cane war erupting between two Allotmenteers mid-project.

I think it’s fair to say that the bean cane construction now rivals at least 50% of those on the allotment site and is sufficiently ready for when the plants have reached an appropriate size.  Fortunately growing the plants is in Mummy’s domain therefore I sit quite comfortably in the knowledge that my work here is done at least for today.