Ok, so they are not really called fruit sticks, but I couldn’t remember which soft fruit these were. To be honest, at this stage, they all class as ‘mixed red berries’ and go in a smoothie as far as I am concerned.

We were given these over the winter, and with four young allotmenteers and no time, I resorted to putting them ‘roots first’ in a large bucket of water.  Come rain, sun, hail and snow, they stayed in the water until now….  So this week, I cleared a space in the garden.  (I hope you don’t mind a story from the garden!).

I have no idea if these are going to grow, but there are signs of growth on one or two of them so we can only hope.

Wanting to keep some regular fruit picking close to home, I cleared a small area in the garden.  With a little help from the allotmenteers, a small amount of left over compost from last year was divided between the holes and the ‘fruit sticks’ were added.

Fingers are now crossed and watering is underway by allotmenteer #2, who seems to be very good at this.

In the background, you can see last years strawberry planters and a couple of more established ‘fruit sticks’. In addition to a potato planter, that I would like to find time to fill this year. These have been the sum total of our fruit and veg growing for the past couple of years.

Stay tuned for an update soon, will they ever grow……