Rain, lots and lots of rain.

I think pretty much the whole population of the UK right now will agree with me when we say that we are well and truly done with the wintery weather which has been plaguing us for what feels like a really long time now. And I think this is particularly true for anyone who is remotely interested with trying to do any sort of gardening. In fact it has even been on Country File how ridiculous this weather has been and I saw an interview with one farmer who was saying he was nearly a month behind on his planting due to the bad weather we have been having.

So if the professionals are struggling, then us mere amateurs quite frankly don’t stand a chance. On a recent plot inspection, Daddy declared that we had created a pond, the allotmenteers enjoyed a good hour puddle jumping and generally getting as muddy as physically possible and I decided that our ‘drainage experiment’ was probably best left for another day.

The ‘beds’ are not the only victims of this uncharacteristically cold weather. Remember the seeds we planted on that, wait for it, wet bank holiday a couple of weeks back? Well we decided it was probably time to go and check to see what was occurring. I have to say I have been putting this visit to ‘Granny’s green house’ off, not because we don’t want to see Granny I hasten to add, but because if I’m being honest, I’m really pretty concerned that nothing might have grown.

So with trepidation, we head down to the bottom of the garden. The girls are excited, as small children they live in a generally optimistic world. I am scared that their child like innocence is about to be shattered into tiny pieces if they are presented with the same compost filled trays which they lovingly watered and left 2 weeks ago. I am already thinking of what im going to say if nothing has grown, is it acceptable to blame Granny?

I would like to end this post with a ‘happily ever after’ but I’m sorry to say that at this time this is not the case.

When we opened the door to the greenhouse, disappointment resonated around us all as, despite me searching REALLY hard, we can not find even one lonely seed shooting through the slightly damp, obviously not warm enough, compost.

Don’t panic I say, the seed packet says germination can occur up to 21 days after sowing, we just need to wait another week!

I will be keeping my fingers crossed and doing a sun dance every night in the desperate hope that something miraculously sprouts this week. Watch this space……..