It’s part of the whole thing, reducing waste, reusing materials, from freezing fruit to repurposing pallet wood for path/bed edges.  Today included using up the leftovers…..

Once we had planted up the allotment we had a few things left over these included onion sets and seed potatoes.  Not wanting to let them go to waste Daddy planted onion sets in the flower border around a mix of shrubs and also under the fruit sticks.  It was also the day to dust off an old potato planter from behind the shed that had been unearthed a few weeks earlier.  Filling it up with soil and placing it next to the fruit sticks.

This approach of mixed planting putting onions into the flower border might be a little bit of a surprise to Mummy when she sees them coming up but I could not bring himself to throw away any spare onion sets when there is a potential to maximise the harvest.

It is now time to Google how best to store an excess of harvested onions.  I have so far read that picking them, drying them out in the sun and then storing them in a cool dark place is the best approach however I am open to ideas and suggestions if you’ve got any thoughts please leave a comment below.

Photo: on route home from the plot, past the ‘posh’ plots.