Author: Kate J

Pumpkin Disaster

Had a bit of a ‘whoops’ moment down at the plot the other day and I can’t lie, it’s weighing heavy on my conscious, and also for that matter, my arms. I think maybe confessing to my wreck-lass actions might help relieve me of the bad feeling which is following me around. So Allotmenteer followers, grab a cuppa and read on from the beginning, here goes. After all the rain which we have had, I have to say the plot is becoming a bit of a haven for weeds. It is not looking as tidy as it perhaps could...

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The Fruits of Our Labours

We have produce!!!! A very exciting time for both little and big Allotmenteers. Today we came home from our small weeding session with more than a handful of fresh, totally home-grown, organic produce! Now up until this point we have managed a few strawberries from a bed which we inherited from the previous owner (it needs maintenance and is on the ‘to do list’ for latter this year), a good crop of broad beans which we harvested about 3 weeks ago and a few runner beans. But now we are up and running! We’ve had courgettes, although not as...

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Water, Water, Absolutely Nowhere!

So, at the risk of sounding stereotypical British person moaning about the weather, im going to venture out there to say ‘where is the rain?’ I know that going back a few posts I was whinging about the pond our plot had become, but now it is starting to resemble something from the Sahara Desert! Seriously, the weeds are now only growing where we’ve been watering, which brings me to my next moan. Watering! Man it takes a lot of time. I’ve got it down to just over 20 minutes now with 4 watering cans and the oldest allotmenteer....

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Should have worn the gloves………..

Feeling very sorry for myself this evening after sustaining an ‘Allotmenting’ occupational injury. It came in the form of a dark, 2 winged, four legged bug. It sort me out amongst the bean canes as good tasting prey, and sunk its insect biting bit (knowledge of insect anatomy is somewhat limited) into the soft squidgy bit on the back of my hand. It had happened before I had chance to whip its little flying behind out of there and left a trail of blood in its wake. I just knew it was going to be a bad one and...

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Bean and gone?

Had our first casualty of the allotment today. It was caused by a major ruckus between Daughters 1 & 2 and nearly resulted in them becoming casualties themselves! Started outside the house. We were heading down the plot to plant out the dwarf beans which we have been nurturing for weeks. Have to say, we didn’t have as much success with the dwarf beans as I would have liked. For some reason our success rate with them was particularly low. Granny says she thinks it have been too cold when we potted them, will have to remember this for...

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