Feeling very sorry for myself this evening after sustaining an ‘Allotmenting’ occupational injury. It came in the form of a dark, 2 winged, four legged bug. It sort me out amongst the bean canes as good tasting prey, and sunk its insect biting bit (knowledge of insect anatomy is somewhat limited) into the soft squidgy bit on the back of my hand. It had happened before I had chance to whip its little flying behind out of there and left a trail of blood in its wake.

I just knew it was going to be a bad one and was straight onto the ‘bite and sting’ cream (the bite cream isn’t a sponsor, but I’m seriously considering getting onto them!) but the damage had already been done.

24hr latter and my hand resembles a really well inflated balloon. It is rather uncomfortable, and has quite frankly put a small dent in my enthusiasm to get back down the plot at this current time.

Lesson of the day kids? Always wear the gloves! (here??)