So today’s adventure was to try and clear the weeds from around the strawberry’s.  This task seemed easy enough at the start, however the reality soon hit home that this grass weed was well and truly rooted into the soil, fabric sheeting and just about anything else in sight! With one Allotmenteer sleeping on the job, and the other wandering the plot with her tool bag, Daddy was left to uncover the plants before they are swallowed up into a grass extravaganza, rivalled only by ‘the rough’ on a golf course.

Ten minutes in, the inevitable happened.  Nope, not that one where the mini most Allotmenteer awakes, but the other one, where rain appears to ensure progress is halted once more.  Determined to make some progress the emergency shelter was created for the wondering Allotmenteer to retreat to.  It did work, however was ‘small’ and ‘unstable’, but provided an appropriate distraction to ensure the strawberries could survive to fruit another day.