There has been much excitement from both the Allotmenteers and Mummy this weekend after a visit to Granny’s Greenhouse.

What we found can only be described as a massive success as, believe it or not, we have things growing! Not just the odd few shoots which I found about a week ago, we now have full on actual seeding appearing. This is a massive relief and I can not lie, I think a small victory dance was performed by myself upon finding those green heads popping above the damp compost.

So, what has been growing I hear you ask. Errr well, that I’m actually not too sure about. Although I thought we had done quite well with our Easter Egg box plant labels, I hindsight, I think we should have made many many more. I know we have had 4 out of 6 cucumber plants germinate, and 5 out of 6 sweetcorn and courgettes plants do well.  We seem to have several hundred tomato plants growing and have had success with my varieties of ‘cutting’ flowers. As an even bigger shock I have seen 2 very tiny pepper shoots appear, which I have to say I had totally given up hope on so was very pleased to see these.  There are also some other things which are growing but as to what they are, I just can not remember. This is very frustrating and I am wondering whether I’m going to have to resort to posting pictures on some ‘allotmenting’ forums which I have joined to see if anyone more knowledgable than myself, can identify them for me.

We have also been busy sowing yet more seeds. We have put in 3 different types of beans plus some pumpkin and squash seeds, so lets hope we have equal success with these.

Having just read this back to myself, It feels rather like I may be being slightly premature in my celebrations, as in all honesty, we have probably only just reached the first hurdle. Having been loitering in these forums which I was just telling you about, it is clear that there are many other places which we may fall down on before we even get to planting these dear little seedling into the great outdoors! We have slugs to dodge, drought/cold/heat issues to contend with and they then must be acclimatised to the world outside of their glass box.

So everyone, keep all your fingers and toes crossed that we can successfully navigate our way along this path fraught with dangers and get these little beauties into the ground which is so eagerly awaiting them.