So with the clearing under way, our thoughts have been turning to what we will actually be attempting to grow this season.

We were very fortunate that our allotment proved inspirational to other family members for Christmas presents this year and we were provided with many seeds to try and sow. We are under strict instructions that if we were successful, we are required to share some of the booty.

Tables have been created and the seeds packets organised, and re organised into categories as to what needs to be sown, at what time, and in which location. Daughter 1 has taken the job of table making particularly seriously, with an entire Excel spread sheet being created, Definitely her daddy’s daughter.

This only left the seeds to be sown, or so I thought.

Daughter 1, again, having read her ‘Lets Grow‘ book, suitably informed me that we needed ‘plant labels’. This then prompted the demolition of several Easter Egg boxes, some serious scissor action and a hunt for the old school China Graph pens I had. Now these master pieces have been created.

Ok, so 3pm in the afternoon on a rainy bank holiday Monday, having planned to start the process at 10:30am and we have landed at the seed sowing location, other wise known as ‘Granny’s Greenhouse’.

This process, I had imagined, would be a composting explosion with seeds and soil landing everywhere except in the trays where they were intended. I have to say, I was wrong. With a ratio of 3 adults to 2 children, we had trays filled with both compost AND seeds.  We also had them watered and in the green house all before tea time, amazing what can be achieved with a little help from Granny 🙂 D1 also utilised the plant labels she created earlier and I think got them in the correct trays.

So all we have to do now is hope for the sun to shine and the seeds to grow! And don’t worry, if they don’t, I held some back for a ‘back up’ round to replant in a couple of weeks 🙂