So we have a small area at home you will have seen in the fruit sticks post. It’s not huge, but it’s workable. Here, in addition to the fruit sticks stand two compost bins. I put these in about 5 years ago and I don’t think I’ve emptied them in that time. It is therefore highly likely that this rotting mass pre-dates two of the four allotmenteers.  The bins have reached the point of always full and it was time to make room for new garden waste.

I cracked the lid on the first bin and wobbled it. Before long it came free and I was able to lift it off. I found a new location for the bin, mainly for ease so that I didn’t need to move it again and then I was ready to tackle the mound.

Feeling quite positive about the situation and congratulating myself on how good the compost looked in the lower sections of the heap I turned to the allotemnteers.  I thought this would give them an ideal opportunity to see what our new compost pile at the plot will look like.

I turned to find that the allotmeteers and mommy had all evacuated the area due to the ‘smell’ which I personally didn’t think was that bad. Maybe the hay fever has benefits…

I knocked off the layers one by one, moving the top few partially rotted grass and plant matter into the bottom of the relocated bin, then started to spread the lower layers across the soil.

It was good compost, in my view.  But a job for daddy on this occasion with little input.

Strangely, when we spread some horse manure they were interested.  Maybe poo is more interesting to children of this age group than rotten grass, I wonder why.