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Welcome to The Four Allotmenteers, the home of family friendly allotmenting!

We’re Kate and Rob! We are here to share the story of our 4 allotmenteers, the progress of our family allotment, and provide you with all the resources we can for you to get involved too! We are super excited about the road ahead and are so grateful you stopped by.

In the middle of 2017 we had the crazy idea that, despite being busy with recent house renovations, full and part time jobs and home educating 4 children, we needed to spend more time outside ‘connecting with nature’ and should therefore get ourselves an allotment. Ultimately, we want to try and grow our own. Whilst doing this, we also hope that we might be able to save a bit of money, get a bit of exercise and help our children to learn through nature. We want them to understand more about the world around them, have a true understanding of where their food comes from and the differences between traditional growing methods and modern large scale farming.

This year we are going to ‘dig in deep’ as we’re planing to try and grow something other than the weeds currently occupying the plot. We will document our progress and experiences as a home-edding, allotmenteering family right here.

Stay tuned and see how we get on!

Recent Blog Posts

Using up the leftovers

It’s part of the whole thing, reducing waste, reusing materials, from freezing fruit to repurposing pallet wood for path/bed edges.  Today included using up the leftovers….. Once we had planted up the allotment we had a few things left over these included onion sets...

Compost older than children?

So we have a small area at home you will have seen in the fruit sticks post. It's not huge, but it's workable. Here, in addition to the fruit sticks stand two compost bins. I put these in about 5 years ago and I don't think I've emptied them in that time. It is...

Bark by the light of the moon

Sometimes in life you need to expect the unexpected and allotmenting is no different. A late evening trip around 9pm for a bit of watering lead to an amazing discovery, ok not that amazing, but a long awaited one. I arrived at the allotments and rounded the corner to...

Fruit Sticks?

Ok, so they are not really called fruit sticks, but I couldn't remember which soft fruit these were. To be honest, at this stage, they all class as 'mixed red berries' and go in a smoothie as far as I am concerned. We were given these over the winter, and with four...


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