With a rather damp day and an hour to spend, we decided to put phase one into action against the beast in our midst.  This thing is much bigger than it looks in the photo, and with the help of 2 allotmenteers, it got what I can only describe as a serious hair cut.

The beast had grown leaves that were overwhelming the bed it was in, completely blocked two paths and it was starting to impact on two other beds.  It was not a situation we could allow to continue if there was any hope of us managing to dig, let alone plant up this area.

  • Phase one was to ‘chop a load of leaves off’ so we could get at everything around it.
  • Phase two is to get the plant out.  (Lets see how that goes another day)

For now, order is restored! The beast is partially tamed, in the style of short back and sides with a fair bit off the top, and the compost pile bigger than before.